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What Type of Fence Should I Invest In

When deciding which style of fence you want, there are a lot of considerations to be made. Every style has its perks and drawbacks, and deciding which ones are important to you can influence which you choose. Here’s a list of pros and cons for common types of fencing:

Chain Link Fencing - Pros

  • No maintenance - Once it’s put in, nothing more is required (assuming your neighbor doesn’t drive their riding lawn mower through it). If it gets dirty, you can wipe it down with a rag to keep it looking nice.

  • It can get very low to the ground - If you are concerned about your dog getting under the fence, chain link fabric can touch the ground.

  • Versatile - Chain link fencing does not require corners to be square, and it comes in all different heights and colors. The most common sizes and types are 4, 5, and 6 foot tall black vinyl coated or galvanized chain link, but we have done 2 foot tall all the way up to 10 feet tall.

  • Also called “Hurricane Fencing.” They won’t blow over.

  • Budget friendly – Chain link requires the lowest investment of standard fencing types.

Chain Link Fencing - Cons

  • Difficult for a DIY person to repair if re-stretching is required.

  • Some dogs use the “diamonds” as climbing footholds.

  • Relatedly, it’s relatively easy for kids to climb the fence. If they are inclined to hits balls over it, better install a gate.

  • Posts and top rails of black fencing can get scratched relatively easily - but can be covered with black spray paint.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing - Pros

  • Complete privacy fencing – People passing by can’t see in and your dog can’t see out. A lot of our customers say this is important because their dog(s) go crazy if they see neighbors’ dogs. Or maybe you don’t want your neighbor’s watching you hot tub. Or maybe you don’t want to see their disheveled back yard.

  • No maintenance - Once it’s put in, nothing more is required. If it gets dirty, you can wipe it down with a rag to keep it looking nice. Use of a pressure washer isn’t recommended unless on a VERY LOW setting.

  • Easy to adjust the gates - If you don’t like how the latch bolt is hitting the latch, it can be adjusted easily using a wrench on the nuts on the hinges.

Vinyl Fencing - Cons

  • The standard fence is very bright white - it can be blinding in direct sunlight

  • Very difficult for a DIY to repair

  • Not manufactured to stand up to Derecho (80+ mph) type winds

  • White vinyl can “yellow” over time. Other colors may fade.

  • Not as flexible as chain link fencing to follow changes in grade.

  • Vinyl can crack if hit too hard - especially when it’s cold

  • More than twice the cost of chain link.

Cedar Fencing - Pros

  • Very versatile - there are a lot of options for how to style a cedar fence - privacy, semi-privacy, shadowbox, horizontal shadowbox, board-on-board, etc. Privacy options have same benefit of vinyl privacy (see above).

  • We use steel Postmaster posts instead of wood 4x4s, which is much sturdier and longer lasting than other options.

  • Easy DIY repair.

  • Can sit very close to the ground

Cedar Fencing - Cons

  • Requires maintenance.

  • Pickets and rails can split later so the fence will not look exactly the same as the day it was installed.

  • Pickets shrink with age and as they dry out, so there can be small gaps between them

  • If not stained every 2-3 years it will fade.

  • More than twice the cost of chain link.

Ornamental Steel Fencing - Pros

  • Elegant “higher end” look.

  • Can be installed very quickly.

  • Very easy to swap out a panel if it gets damaged.

Ornamental Steel Fencing - Cons

  • The 3-3/4” gap between the pickets may be enough for small dogs to squeeze through

  • Slightly higher cost than chain link.

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